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Extreme Outdoors Classifieds Terms of Use

Applicability. These Extreme Outdoors Classifieds Terms of Use (the "Classified Terms") supplement
the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Conditions of Use, Classified Legal, and Classified Policies
Notices (collectively, the "Website Terms") posted elsewhere on any Extreme Outdoors sites (the "Site").
You should review the Website Terms before proceeding. If there is a conflict between the Classifieds
Terms and any of the Website Terms, the Website Terms control.
Acceptance Through Use. By posting or viewing a classified advertisement on the Site (an "Ad"), you agree
to be bound by all of the terms, conditions and notices contained or referenced in these Classified Terms.
You should review the Classified Terms from time to time. Extreme Outdoors, LLC ("Operator") may change any
of the Classified Terms at any time and for any or no reason by posting revisions to the Site.
Your continued use of the Site constitutes your acceptance of the revised Classified Terms. If you do not accept
all of the Classified Terms, you are not authorized by Operator to post or view any Ads.
Minimum Age. The Extreme Outdoors Classifieds section of the Site is not directed to, or intended for use by,
anyone under the age of eighteen (18). Individuals under the age of eighteen (18) are not authorized by Operator
to post or view Ads.

Posting Rules. You must comply with the following rules when posting an Ad:

1.) Use Only One (1) Category*. Select the correct category for your Ad. You may not post your Ad in more than
one (1) category*. If no category fits the goods you are selling, do not post an Ad.
2.) Description. The title you select for your Ad must be concise and limited to the specific goods offered for
sale. You may not list multiple brands, makes, models or locations in the title of your Ad as a means to
generate unwarranted search results.
3.) Content. All Ads must be in good taste and may not contain any objectionable content, as determined by
Operator in its discretion. Ads for massage services are prohibited. Ads for adult goods or services are
prohibited. All Ads must be for goods or services that are permitted under Utah law. You are responsible for
the content of your Ad.
4.) Dealer Identification. Dealers of all type that place Ads on the Site must include their dealer number in
the Ad as required by Utah law. "Dealers" includes automobile dealers, motorcycle dealers, ATV dealers,
recreational vehicle dealers, snowmobile dealers, livestock dealers, realtors and brokers.
5.) Reposting. You must wait at least fourteen (14) days before reposting an Ad for the same or substantially
similar goods. You must delete your prior Ad before reposting.
6.) Number of Ads. Except as authorized by Operator in writing on a case-by-case basis, businesses
(defined as any entity that regularly offers goods or services for sale, regardless of whether operating from
a store, a home or online) are limited to five (5) Ads on the Site at any time. Individuals may post more than
five (5) Ads on the Site at any time.
7.) Free Category. Ads placed in the Free category on the Site must be for goods that do not require a commitment
or obligation of any type. Goods that are provided after sign-up or on completion of a task are not free and should
not be placed in the Free category. Free category may or may not always be activated by Operator.
8.) Business Identification. Businesses (defined as any entity that regularly offers goods or services for sale,
regardless of whether operating from a store, a home or online) MUST select the "Business" option on the
Ad Information from.
9.) Contact Information. A working phone number is required to post.
10.) Multiple Accounts. Any person above the age of eighteen (18) is allowed one Extreme Outdoors classifieds account.
Any business operating in the intermountain west is allowed one classified account. If an individual or business is
using multiple accounts, all additional accounts and listings will be deleted. If your account is permanently banned,
you may not create another account on any Extreme Outdoors classified sites.
11.) Paying to List: All ads must collect the listing fee prior to listing. Once the ad has been listed, there are
no refunds provided. Sellers listing on Extreme Outdoors classifieds are bound by the Terms of Use of Extreme Outdoors
and its associated websites. Paying businesses may only list their products from their paid account.
12.) Ad Price/Auction Ads. The price field on each classified listing must be the total selling price of the item,
this means the price a person is expected to pay at the time of purchase*. You may list additional payment information
(such as monthly payments allowed, etc... in the classified listing detail field. We do not allow auction classified
listings on Extreme Outdoors, however, we do allow auction announcement listings. All auction announcement listings must
have a "buy it now" price in the advertising listing price field. The "buy it now" price must be what the user is
expected to pay for the item instead of bidding for the item at an auction. Classified listings without a reasonable
total selling price will be deleted without notification. ( *SERVICE ads are not accepted)

Violations. Operator may at its discretion monitor the Extreme Outdoors Classifieds portion of the Site from time to
time. Operator may remove or disable Ads that violate the posting rules identified above or which Operator
considers objectionable or in poor taste. Operator may act to prevent anyone who violates these Classified Terms
from posting or viewing Ads on the Site and may block access to the Site. Please report all violations using
the link provided with each Ad.

No Liability. Operator is not involved in the actual transaction between a seller posting an Ad for goods or
services and the buyer purchasing the goods or services. Operator does not have control over, and does not
guarantee the quality, safety or legality of, any of the goods or services listed in the Ads posted on the Site.
Operator does not make any representations or warranties concerning the ability of a seller to sell the goods
or services, the ability of a buyer to purchase the goods or services or that a seller and a buyer will actually
complete a transaction. By placing an ad on Extreme Outdoors website and its classified sections,
seller agrees to all terms and conditions.

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Jose Ortega y Gasset in "Meditations on Hunting"
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